Visual Artwork

by Felix Mendelssohn

Amalfi, Italia; watercolor by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 1836

Mendelssohn's artistic imagination was by no means limited to the world of music; from an early age he expressed his ideas in drawings, watercolors, and even oil paintings that reflect a remarkable level of accomplishment and expertise.  In particular, his sense of visual structure was compelling, and his proclivity for gracefully nuanced renderings of line and details compares favorably with that of most artists of his time.  Continuing his work in this medium throughout his life, Felix Mendelssohn produced more than 300 artworks.

The Mendelssohn Project anticipates, for the first time anywhere, to bring together the two most vital expressions of Mendelssohn's artistic imagination in several ways.

Exhibitions: There will be exhibitions of his artworks which will appear at Concerts and Recitals sponsored by TMP. These exhibitions are also planned to take the form of traveling exhibitions shown at major galleries, libraries, and museums around the world.

Virtual Tour:   Coming soon, this website will enable users, while examining one, two, or more visual artworks, to play selected compositions by Mendelssohn simultaneously, and thus to experience vicariously the multidimensional appeal of his aesthetic imagination.

Coffee Table Book:   The Mendelssohn Project anticipates a release of the complete artworks by Felix Mendelssohn in book-form.

Cover Art:   The covers of the CDs of Felix Mendelssohn's music produced by TMP will all employ artworks by Mendelssohn himself.

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