With the hundreds of unpublished works of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn having been discovered, the venue of the classic concert hall is the appropriate one to give some of these works their world premiere. The Mendelssohn Project plans to work on vigorous fundraising in order to fund such concerts. Part of this fundraising includes negotiations with major concert halls to have them donate their space to TMP for the purpose of performing these works.

Possibilities for stage concerts include joining forces with already existing subscription series in concert halls, both large and small. Where this is not possible, special, individual concerts would be mounted.  

In every stage concert, The Mendelssohn Project anticipates combining premiere performances with works by the Mendelssohns which are already well-known and beloved.   The purpose for this is to juxtapose works which have already been judged by musicians and audiences with works not known to them. TMP feels that such a juxtaposition would only enhance the listener's ability to comprehend fully and enjoy the new works.

Whereas the entire scope of TMP's concerts is to include salon concerts, concerts in churches and synagogues, multi-media concerts, and family/children concerts, the classic stage concert should not be forgotten and will only serve to enhance further the public's understanding of the music of the Mendelssohns in an environment familiar to many of its supporters.

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