Beginning a series of multi-media concerts in New York City is one of the prime short-range targets of The Mendelssohn Project. TMP believes that its salon concert format would translate well onto a full stage.

These multi-media concerts would combine the music of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn by telling parts of the fascinating story regarding their lives. With a full orchestra on a concert stage, world premieres, USA premiere performances and well-known works would be played, and actors would perform a couple of the scenes from the upcoming TMP show, "Mendelssohn". There would be an exhibition in the lobby of some of Felix Mendelssohn's artworks, as well as a display of some of the letters from both Felix and Fanny. There is also the possibility to display some of the artworks projected around the stage during the performance.

This combination of mediums is meant to attract a diverse public combining music, theatre, and art.

This multi-media concert concept can also be adapted for a small hall with a chamber ensemble replacing the full orchestra.

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