Luzern, Schweiz; watercolor by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, July 1847

  Among the possibilities being considered are:

 A book featuring Mendelssohn's hundreds of drawings and watercolors. 

 A compilation of poems, anecdotes, and jokes which can be put together from his letters
  and from his comments in the margins of some of his manuscripts.

 A book of his serious prose and theater writings (Horace, Terence, Paphlais, as well as
  directly from his letters).

 Two biographies each of Felix Mendelssohn and Fanny Mendelssohn -- one for each written
  for educated amateurs, the other for musicians and scholars. A third biography written for
  younger audiences.

 Two series of books focusing on individual unpublished works. One of these series would
  be written for the musically educated amateur; the other series would address a more
  accomplished readership including professional performers and scholars.

 Companion books for all shows, films, and TV documentaries produced as part of The
  Mendelssohn Project.

 A book focusing on Mendelssohn's role as the first modern conductor.

 A book focusing on 19th-century anti-Semitism and how it affected Mendelssohn, his
  family, his legacy, and those around him.


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